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Ticketing Legends

Meet some of the most influential and legendary ticketing professionals in the INTIX community.

Angus Watson

Angus Watson has made a name for himself in theatre — not on the marquee, but as a star performer behind the scenes.

Tips From the Pros: Words of Wisdom From 5 Ticketing Legends

Hear from legendary figures who have achieved incredible success while helping transform our industry. 

Gary Lustig

Gary Lustig is a true ticketing legend who has left an indelible mark on ticketing over the past four decades.

Debra Kay Duncan

In addition to Debra Kay Duncan's role as Director of Ticketing for the Los Angeles Dodgers for 13 years, she was involved in a dozen Olympic Games since 1984.

Juanita 'Lightnin'' Epton

Meet 102-year-old Juanita "Lightnin'" Epton, a ticketing legend who has spent over eight decades in the offices of Daytona International Speedway. 

Jack Lucas

Jack Lucas

Often described as a visionary, luminary and legend, Jack Lucas spent 40 years in the business and received numerous industry accolades.

Russ Stanley

Russ Stanley

Get to know Russ Stanley, and learn about his career journey from where he started with the San Francisco Giants way back in 1989 to where he is now.