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Interviews with INTIX members

Joe Carter

Joe Carter has managed to climb the ladder to the top of his profession by adopting a simple philosophy.

Patricia Pratt

Despite never pursuing the limelight herself, Patricia Pratt has a deep appreciation for the arts and the entertainment industry.

Derek Palmer

Like so many others in the ticketing industry, Derek Palmer just happened to fall into it, but unlike most, he almost fell right back out.

Jason Mastrine

Jason Mastrine is looking forward to 2024. Not only does he have a new job — it is one that brings him back into ticketing and the INTIX community.

Julio Alvarado

Julio Alvarado stands as a testament to the power of relationships, seamlessly blending the warmth of family ties with the vigor of professional networks.

Barrett Newman

During his decades-long ticketing career, many things in Barrett Newman’s journey have brought joy beyond measure.

Lucille Pickering

In 2018, Lucille Pickering quit her job as an agency development manager with Google and set out for what she thought would be a three-month-long tour of Southeast Asia.

Garrett Nolan

Garrett Nolan is self-employed as a ticket operations and live event services specialist.

Kaleb Claypool 

Kaleb Claypool started out as a pharmacy technician in 2010 and continued to hold various roles in the healthcare industry for the next nine years. Then, he fell into ticketing.

Jon Secunda

Jon Secunda’s ticketing and live events career has spanned nearly four decades, from pro tennis courts to a premier opera house and beyond.

Carol Foreman

Carol Foreman has been with the NCAA Men’s College World Series for over 30 years.  

Julie Porter Cardenas

Julie Porter Cardenas is a Senior Product Operations Specialist for Paciolan. 

Shawn Robertson

Shawn Robertson has spent 30-plus years in entertainment and live events.

David Thomas

David Thomas

David Thomas has been hailed as one of the world's most successful and influential theatrical producers, on shows that had successful multiple-year runs. 

Charles Edinger

Charles Edinger

Charles Edinger lives a busy but harmonious life in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with Michelle, his wife of 30 years; their four adult children close by; and an abiding faith in God.

Hayley Chapman

Hayley Chapman

Hayley Chapman’s life is rooted in sports and revolves around family — and sometimes, the two have a way of crossing paths. 

Brian Arnone

Jamie Vosmeier

Get to know talented musician and ticketing professional Jamie Vosmeier. Learn about the past jobs and mentors which led him to his career in entertainment.

Brian Arnone

Brian Arnone

A Greek philosopher once said that change is the only constant in life. Brian Arnone, a seasoned live events executive, advisor and investor, certainly understands that better than most.

Elizabeth Hess

Peter Monks

Get to know ticketing legend, astrophysicist, award-winning gin distillery owner and INTIX member Peter Monks.



Elizabeth Hess

Elizabeth Hess

Elizabeth Hess has been in the ticketing industry since her very first job as a teenager at Hersheypark.

A man wearing glasses and a dark blue t-shirt smiles softly. He has dark brown hair, dark brown facial hair and is wearing glasses. The man is holding the hand of a gold-coloured “Mr. Potato Head,” which has glasses and a mustache. .

Andrew Douglas

Andrew Douglas is the Director of Ticketing and Technology at the Mesa Arts Center, just a three-hour drive away from the old homestead.

Liz Kelley and her dog, Presley Jane.

Liz Kelley

To have a tiger in your tank means you have a lot of vigor, determination, enthusiasm and motivation. And that pretty much describes Liz Kelley.

Jeff Hecker (left) stands with his father.

Jeff Hecker

Jeff Hecker values family, friends, and ticketing.

A white man in a baseball cap holds a baby in a stadium

Toby Baptist

Toby Baptist is Vice President of Operations for and is always on the move for the job. 


Lenore smiles from behind the glass of a ticket booth

Lenore Schwartz Heller

At 75 years of age, Lenore is technically retired, but she still works 60 to 70 hours a week when there is a show to be staged, and she loves every minute of it.


A smiling man wearing glasses and a hat stands in front of large projection screens.

Shayne Ballard

Like so many others, Shayne Ballard stumbled into ticketing. “It is not like I grew up as a kid saying, ‘I am going to work in the box office. I am going to work in ticketing,’” he says. “I did not even think about that being a real job.”


A smiling man wearing glasses stands in front of the theater hosting the 74th Academy Awards

Bruce Bielenberg

Bruce Bielenberg has been a resident of Las Vegas for two decades now, but he has also made his way around the ticketing block a few times.


In her headshot, Deirdre’s head is slightly tilted and she has a soft smile. Her hair is blond and flows past her shoulders. She is wearing a black cowl-neck sweater, chunky necklace and earrings. There is a red brick wall in the background.

Deirdre Naff

If this were a movie script, the closing scene would almost certainly be of Deirdre Naff riding her favorite horse into the sunset.


A man stands smiling into the camera. He has short, dark hair, a moustache and some stubble, and is wearing a blue golf shirt, a lanyard and glasses. Behind him there is an empty football field and empty stadium seating. The signage says “Los Angeles Rams” and “SoFi Stad.”

Andrew Bragman

It has been said that baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and it has certainly played a significant role in the life of Andrew Bragman.


In a headshot, a man with dark hair, a beard and mustache smiles softly into the camera. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt.

Martin Gammeltoft

Do not call Martin Gammeltoft if you need a new fence built. No, he is not being unneighborly; he is just being honest, which is one of the qualities he most admires in people.


A woman stands smiling in front of rows of empty seats in an arena. She has long, dark curly hair and is wearing glasses, a colorful patterned top, black sweater and black pants.

Christina Allen

Given that her job includes selling hockey tickets and one of her most treasured possessions is a wooden duck, one could be forgiven for thinking that Christina Allen must live and work somewhere other than where she does.

Julia Elbaum

She may not know the exact number of miles to her favorite vacation destination (New Zealand) or the precise number of times she has traveled across the Hudson River from her home in Troy, New York, to her office in Albany, but make no mistake about it, numbers are Julia Elbaum’s game — and it is a game she is very good at.

In his headshot, Mitchell smiles in front of a gray backdrop. He has brown hair and a brown beard and mustache. He wears a blue button-down shirt with a blue tie.

Mitchell Klein

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,” or so the lyrics go. And for Mitchell Klein, it could not be any truer.

A man with gray hair and a white T-shirt looks in the camera. He is wearing sunglasses and the sky is bright blue behind him.

Esteban Stalgis

“I never give up,” says Esteban Stalgis, Founder and General Manager of TuEntrada. “I like challenges, and I always raise the bar.”

In his headshot, a man with short greying hair, glasses and blue eyes smiles warmly into the camera. He is wearing a dark pinstripe suit, white dress shirt and striped tie.

Cary Clark

In ticketing and life, Cary Clark is creating and living for "magic moments." Get to know the chair and host of INTIX 2022.

In her headshot, Tammy has her short, dark blonde hair parted on one side. She is wearing a black shirt and vest, gray face mask and yellow lanyard.

Tammy Enright

If one were to compare ticketing to horticulture, Tammy Enright would almost certainly spread herself throughout the garden.

A man with dark hair, a moustache and beard stands smiling wearing a white jersey that says “Panthers” and a black and yellow Panthers cap. Beside him, a boy is wearing the same baseball cap and a black jersey.

Eric Valley

Like so many others, Eric Valley fell into the ticketing industry after selling tickets part time when he was still in university. And what a beginning it was.

In her headshot, Mandi is smiling showing her teeth and looking directly into the camera. She has long brown hair and is wearing a black shirt and beige sweater.

Mandi Grimm

When it comes to life choices, you might say Mandi Grimm is the apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.

Geo is sitting on a long wooden bench in front of a brick wall. He has light brown skin, a moustache and beard. His black hat and jacket both say “Life is Beautiful.”

Geo Haynes

It is perhaps ironic that Geo Haynes had just finished a gig working with the Life is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas when he was interviewed for this article because, as we found out, he truly believes that life is a beautiful thing.

Danielle Howard Varnado

INTIX member Danielle Howard Varnado is a born-and-raised Chicagoan who moved to Las Vegas in 2005 while working in the airline industry and with dreams of attending college. There, she found herself in a ticketing career and discovered the INTIX community.

Josh Ziegenbusch

If a movie were ever made about Josh Ziegenbusch’s life, it would almost certainly have that warm apple pie feel to it — the story of a young boy who grew up on his family’s farm in rural Ohio and, blessed with a traditional upbringing and strong work ethic, goes off to college and later finds himself rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest baseball players in America. Oh, and movie star Brad Pitt, too!

Skypp Cabanas

Like so many others in ticketing, Skypp Cabanas fell into it almost by accident. He started with dreams of spending life on the stage but ended up building a highly successful career in the ticket office.

Jason Varnish

In his position on the ‘front lines’ of entertainment, Jason Varnish, Founder of Box Office Management (BOM) Advisers, a North American ticketing operations and event staffing agency, says he likes to walk the talk.

Mara Hazzard-Wallingford

It is a fairly good bet that someone who grew up immersed in arts and culture will themselves be creative, and perhaps even enjoy a remarkable career in the field. This is exactly what happened with Mara Hazzard-Wallingford.

Cat Spencer

It has been said that if you have a sense of humor, you can survive anything life throws at you. That pretty much sums up Business Development Director for Booking Protect Cat Spencer’s approach to life: a big smile and a few laughs go a long way.

Paul Froehle

Being from and of the Great Lakes region of North America, it is no surprise that Paul Froehle plays the accordion and dances the polka. In fact, he did both to help promote a beer stein giveaway in the summer of 2015. Here’s the proof. It is all in a day’s work for the Vice President of Ticket Operations for the Minnesota Twins.

Matt Cooper

According to an old familiar joke, there are three ways to get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice. But Matt Cooper, Vice President at Ticket Philadelphia, somehow found four ways of his own. 

Ashley Voorhees

Ashley Voorhees is one of those people who is instantly likable. This is no surprise given the neighborly manner she developed as a child growing up in Utah and which she continues to exude today as the Associate Vice President of Administrative Services for Omaha Performing Arts in Nebraska, the very heart of the friendly American Midwest.

Brendan Bruss

Golf is a courteous game — a gentleman’s sport with rules and etiquettes that keep things orderly. It therefore seems fitting that the game has been a lifelong passion for Brendan Bruss, Chief Operating Officer for PMI Entertainment Group, as well as a current Board member and Treasurer for INTIX.

Jeff Koets

Less than two hours east of Toronto, there is a small community called Grafton, Ontario. Once a bustling shipping port, today it has just a few hundred residents who call the quaint hamlet home. Among them are the descendants of many original settler families, as well as Jeff Koets, Chief Operating Officer of Red61, his wife Jody, and their two boys, Liam and Noah.

Daren Mitch

Dogs, biking and baking. These are three things that fill Daren Mitch’s spare time with joy. Add to that a hugely successful career in the town where he grew up, a kind heart full of service and gratitude, and an incredible ticketing team with which to share his days, and it’s easy to see why the Vice President of Ticketing for the Phoenix Suns and Talking Stick Resort Arena thinks each day is a blessing. Here, Mitch reflects on giving back, the people who inspire and mentor him, the valuable lesson he learned from his worst managers, and how INTIX has been there for him for several decades.

Amber Leigh Patton

To Amber Leigh Patton, family is everything. The relationships she has developed through entertainment ticketing and INTIX have also changed her life. Here, the Ticket and Box Office Manager for the Pullo Center at Penn State’s York Campus reflects on her greatest love, a special mentor, being inspired by a Second Lady and the camaraderie of our industry.

Amy Kline

As Director of Client Education and Support for ShowClix, Amy Kline is committed to the organizations she serves. Her helpful, encouraging nature reaches far beyond her day-to-day work, too, as Amy raises a wonderful teenage daughter and continues giving back to INTIX in various ways, including recent service on the Board, work with various committees and as a mentor.

Peter I'anson

After working in a variety of other jobs, Peter I'anson fell into ticketing in 2005, starting out as a Box Office Sales Assistant. Today, after rising through the industry, he’s Head of Partnerships and New Business for JM Marketing Limited in Manchester, England, and an active INTIX committee member.

Russ Stanley

The Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Services for the San Francisco Giants is living his boyhood dream. Here, he reflects on his love of baseball and how he turned it into a successful career, thanks to the support of everyone from his parents to his INTIX colleagues.

Alison Barry

Chautauqua Institution’s Director of Guest Experience and Sales and INTIX board member Alison Barry is a proud mom, music fan and craft beer enthusiast who wishes selflessly for a better world. Here, she reflects on the qualities she admires in people, women in ticketing who she looks up to, a place she’d love to retire and how INTIX has given her a second family.

Danny Frank

Citi’s Senior Vice President and Global Manager of Client Entertainment and Ticket Services (CEATS) and our INTIX 2020 Co-Chair is a proud husband, devoted father, avid golfer and lifelong Washington Redskins fan. Here, Danny reflects on playing his favorite sport, the artist he’s loved since childhood, wearing a top hat and tails during a royal day at the races, and why you must be at INTIX 2020 in New York City.

Kelly Brennan

FutureTix’s Vice President of Operations and our INTIX 2020 Co-Chair grew up going to Shea Stadium. Here, Kelly reflects on seeing the final artist perform at the legendary venue, INTIX’s role in her career and her dream of living in the woods with chickens.

Anja Arvo

The Pre-Sales Manager for Red61 has succeeded in many areas of ticketing throughout her career. She lives in a small Canadian town that boasts some incredible tourist attractions while working remotely for a company headquartered in Scotland.

Jessica Lee

The Senior Manager of Ticketing and Financial Operations for the Atlanta Braves is proud to be a minority woman succeeding in a male-dominated industry. Here, Jessica reflects on the importance of friends, a talent she’d love to have, the thing she loves most about her job, and how INTIX is helping her network and learn.

Samuel Biscoe

The Ticketing Operations Manager for Selladoor Worldwide is a proud performer turned ticketing professional. Here, Samuel reflects on the qualities he admires most in people, his most prized possession, the places he would love to live and how an INTIX professional development grant is changing his career and his life.

Jenifer LaMorte

The Director, Enterprise Consulting for Tessitura Network — and our conference liaison for INTIX 2020 — is a proud arts marketing strategist, baker, yogi and football fan. Here, Jenifer reflects on the best live event she’s seen, her favorite venue, three wishes she’d make, what she loves most about our industry and the important role INTIX plays in her life.

Anthony Esposito

The Vice President of Ticket Operations for the Atlanta Braves is a proud husband, dad and ticketing industry professional. He puts family first and lives life just like the lyrics from his favorite song. Here, Anthony reflects on the best live event he’s ever seen, the most memorable moment from his career and the important role INTIX plays in our industry.

Amy Graca

The Vice President of National Ticketing at Caesars Entertainment is a proud wife and mom who loves sports, her hometown and our industry. She lives in the desert but prefers cold weather and cities that are lush and green. Here, Amy reflects on a collection she really treasures, her favorite venue, the INTIX community and a story from her very first week in the ticket office.

Jennifer Aprea

The museum services and operations manager at Meadows Museum — and our #INTIX2019 Conference Chair — finds serenity visiting a specific type of place, in the books she loves to read and working in her garden. Here, Jennifer reflects on the best concert she’s ever seen, her favorite venue, and how her first INTIX conference experience changed her life.

Josh Logan

The director of marketing and ticketing/championships for the NCAA is a proud husband, father and industry professional. He collects something that INTIX members will relate to while dreaming of a better tee shot and life on a warm, sunny beach. Here, Josh reflects on things he loves to do in his spare time, and the ways INTIX has changed his life.

Gail Anderson

The ticket office manager at the Minnesota State Fair is an avid music fan who values giving back to her own community and to INTIX. Gail loves being in the business of fun and helping people forget their troubles as they pass through the gate. Here, Gail reflects on the joys of her job, two countries she would love to visit and the camaraderie of INTIX.

James Hastie

The founder and CEO at Event Protect is a seasoned entrepreneur who admires people for their kindness, integrity and passion. Raised by a single mother, James says family is the most important thing in his life. Here, he reflects on his favorite place to visit, a random song he loves and how INTIX is a community of great people and hugs.

Melanie Leis

The East Coast Outside Sales Manager at Vendini values authenticity in people and music. A musician herself, she is a big James Taylor fan and has seen him in concert dozens of times. She also loves to travel to a country that evokes memories of her childhood, parents and a simpler life. Here, she reflects on her greatest loves, the best live event she’s ever seen, her favorite venues and how INTIX has changed her life.

Stuart J. Levy

The WICKED Ticketing Manager at 321 Theatrical Management defines himself as an uncle and dog lover with a passion for theatre and tennis. Here, he reflects on sleeping in front of opening night seating charts, his favorite events of all time, and how INTIX has delighted and motivated him as a new member.

Crystal Clinton

As Director of Ticketing System Administration for Opry Entertainment, Crystal Clinton has enjoyed some of the best that country music offers. It comes as no surprise that she wishes she could sing like her favorite artists. Here, Crystal talks about her greatest personal and professional achievements, the importance of helping others, her favorite vacation spot and a life-changing activity she does with her Opry colleagues.

Andrew Thomas

The Senior Consultant at the Ticketing Institute enjoys laughing and making others laugh, fishing, and the Mojave Desert. Here, he reflects on his many interests, stories (he met David Beckham) and the wonderful way INTIX changed his life.

Carl Bailey

The Director of Ticketing for Blumenthal Performing Arts has played an active role in INTIX, which, he says, gives him a sense of pride in the industry and a feeling of family. Here, he reflects on his most treasured possession, his favorite venues and riding his Harley Davidson.

Aren Murray

The Director of Ticketing at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio, Texas loves to be around water.  Here, she reflects on her love for family, driving a really cool car and how INTIX has shaped her career.

Sara Chebishev

Sara Chebishev, a Customer Success Manager for AudienceView, is proud to be supporting artists professionally and personally. When she isn’t helping entertainment organizations engage and attract audiences, she’s grabbing a seat for herself – at a rock concert, the Grand Ole Opry or the Metropolitan Opera House. Here, Sara reflects on many things that she loves, including people who are loyal and honest, being outdoors, her favorite venues and spending quality time with her daughter.

Richard Powers

The Director of Ticket Sales & Customer Service at Blumenthal Performing Arts is a big fan of music and brewing his own beer. Here, he reflects on his favorite artists, a city he loves to visit for its mountain vibe, spreading happiness and the importance of INTIX in his life.

Mardi Dilger

The Miami Marlins’ Director of Ticket Operations has just become a grandmother for the first time. Here, she reflects on living in the now, her favorite authors, what she gets from INTIX and Bob the Dog.

Guislaine Bulman

The General Manager at Ticketpro enjoys a certain song so much that the hairs on her neck stand up when she listens. Here, she reflects on her love for reading, her humorous nature, a treasured gift from her mother and the value she places on peer-to-peer networking at INTIX.

Dusty Kurtz

TicketsWest’s President puts family above all else. Here, he reflects on the importance of empathy, the value of relationships, growing up as a Broncos fan and his favorite waterside town.

Brian Butler

The Director of Ticketing Technology and Operations at Playhouse Square enjoys being at home with the love of his life and four amazing dogs. Here, he reflects on his favorite performer, an extremely sentimental possession, making people smile and the feeling of accomplishment he gets from INTIX.

Victoria Cary

The Senior Director of Ticketing at Shorenstein Hays Nederlander is a Dharma practitioner who loves helping her communities. Here, she reflects on her first concert, dream vacation spots and her most memorable INTIX moment.